Friday, 27 July 2012


Keyboard is a good thing for us. We all who has a PC or any Computer they know that it is very important thing for computer. It is impossible very hard thing to use a Computer without a Keyboard. First when Computer invented then the inventor thinks what presses they input to the computer. If they cannot input data then they how gets result. Then they invent a Keyboard. That Keyboard has some button. They use to give data to the computer. Now we have many tips of Keyboard. If we have no mouse then we done all works by Keyboard. But if we have no Keyboard then we cannot finish all works without it. So it is very important for us. When the inventor make the Keyboard then he think what name he can give this works. Then he thinks that when we have a key then we can open a lock. We use a Keyboard for work in a computer. It's like a Key. And its looks like a board. So we can give this is Keyboard. Now we have many tips of keyboard. Some of them have (88-90) Key. Some of them has (100- 120) Key.
There are two kinds of Keyboard. One of them is Multimedia Keyboard and another is Simple. Now some Keyboard is without Cables. They work by B.T. In the Keyboard there are (a-z) key. There are 12 Function Key they are F1, F2, and F3 ... F12. And there is an Enter Key in the keyboard. There are two/ on Shift Key in the Keyboard, there are two/on Ctrl and Alt Key. There is a Start Button and a Caps Lock Button, There are some another Key on the Keyboard.
It is very good for us but now if we have a Mouse with us then we can finish many works first. At list we can tell that Keyboard is most important things for us.


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