Saturday, 7 July 2012

Aero plane

                                  Aero plane
Now it is a day of science. Those things now we use almost that we get by science. Now our life is so easy for science.
Man can’t live alone and he also can’t live in a place all his life. He needs to go many places. In the past we use to go anyplace foot. Now we use many conveyances to go all places. They are car, both, aero plane etc. But aero plane is all the best.
In the past we looked the birds are flying in the sky. When we look the birds are flaying in the sky then we all think if we fly in the sky.
Many people try to fly in many prefaces but they all time failed. Many people die for it. All the last times the two brothers pass to make it. We know them as right brother. Now they are famous for it all the world. Now when need to go first but with comfortable then Aero plane is all the best.
First the people want to fly as like birds so they use two big wings but he failed. Then they recharge many times and thy pass to making a design and they make a flaying car. But there are many problems. And many people die for it.
The right Brother have s graze they make a Aero plane and they known about that Aero plane. So if they see any problems in there Aero plane then they solved that problems easily.
Now we have many high qualities’ Aero plane. The background of the Aero plane is made by hard but portable things. It has 1, 2 or 3 wings. When the Aero plane run then though wings is also start to running. And it run on the run way some times and start flying in the sky. And it receives in the selected places. Then in come down on the run way and Aero plane have some wheel when it start to run then though wheels are also starts to run. And when it stop then though wheel also stop.
There are many uses of Aero plane we use it to come and go we use it to protect our country. It also use to bearing many tips things. In the past the gurney was very risky but now when we use the Aero plane after then it is very easy for us.
Every good thing also has bad sides so it also has a bad side. Sometimes the Aero plane goes out of control then many people die.