Saturday, 16 June 2012

Electric Fan

                                                Electric Fan

Electric Fan is a very important name to us. What fan run by electy called Electric Fan. Everyone knows about it. Now it is a most important thing to us. Now a day we know that Electric Fan is a very helpful thing for us. We can do relax in the hot days by it. In the past we fills relax in the hot day by hand fan. Whose fan run by hand called hand fan. It is very hard work to run all time a hand fan. When the summer comes then all people fils very unhappy, because in the summer there is most power full Sun give his dangers power in the earth then all people fills very hot. The people need many waters. But now it is a day in this time if the summer comes the person who has an Electric Fan he has no problems. He set before a fan and starts that fan and makes relax all time. Now most of the people have a fan of their won. The Electric Fan helps us. There are many kinds of Electric Fan. Sailing fan, Table fan, Wall fan, Stand fan, Big fan, Small fan, ETC. There are many kinds of sailing fan sues as Sony, Air cool, Max, Singer ETC. The sailing fan is many size sues as mine S fan, big sailing fan ETC. And there many kinds of Table fan sues as Stoat cut table fan, big table fan. Now many companies make many kinds Table fan. The people choose of their won likes. Some people like Table fan and some people don’t like. Some people like sailing fan and some people don’t like. The Electric Fan is not Atom. It made some deferent parts. First we need an Electric motor which can move by Electricity. Then we need a fan. Then we need a stand or a catching. Then we need a cafe cater which can save the Electric motor. Then we add all things and joined the motor in Electricity. Oh fine! Now we can get cool wild by it. Electric Fan is a great invention for us. In the past all kinds of people use hand fan. Now all kinds of people use Electric Fan. The Electric Fan cannot make in a day it took many hard works. At first the people make hand running fan. And step by step this time all the people use it. The sailing fan is hanging on any place. And a Table fan is stand on a table or a chair or any medium high place. A wall fan is hanging on a wall. Now it is a time the Electric Fan is the most important to us. Now it is a part in our life.


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