Friday, 27 July 2012


Mouse is a good thing for us. We all who has a PC or any Computer they know that it is very important thing for computer. Now it is very hard thing to use a Computer without a mouse. First when Computer invented then we have no Mouse, after then only the Keyboard uses to Operating a Computer. Then we cannot works properly and first. But now we have no problems because we have a Mouse with us. Now we can work more first because now we have a Mouse. First when the Mouse invented then the inventor cannot gave a good name to the Mouse. Then the inventor looks a Mouse/Rat on his floor. Them the inventor think that his Mouse like a rat. A rat has a tail it also a cable like Rat and he also looks that the body of the Mouse is looks like a Rat. Then he decides to give the name of the Mouse is Mouse. There are two button has a Mouse. One of them use to select and another calls menu or option button. The name of them is Left button and right button. The mouse has a wheel this wheel use to many works. This wheel uses like as a button. When we connect the Mouse to a Computer then we look a Mouse point on the Desktop or the skin. If we move the mouse from a place to another place, then we can look that the mouse point is also go a place to another place. If we move the mouse on a program and click or 2nd click on that programs then the probers well run. We can refresh our Computer by its. Now we have many kinds of mouse. Now we have many Mouse without cables. B.T Mouse.
It is grate but we cannot do all works in Computer by it. Otherwise it is a best thing for us.