Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The electricity is very good things for us. We use it very much. We get it from many tips of power plants. It is very useful for us. It is good but dangers things. If any people touch it sometimes then he falls in danger.
We get all tips of things by the natter. When the sky is cloudy. And when rains come then suddenly we hear some big sound. We here that bad sound then we all afraid. When the clouds are float a place to another place then an attraction works. A cloud attraction a another cloud. We know that if a hard thing rubs another things then some rub electricity is make. When it was cold then we use comb. After using that if we take some small paper near it then it attraction though small paper.  So we know that if a cloud bit a cloud than some electricity is making. We called this is thunder.
There are many people die for this thunder. We all people cannot stop or run this. When the thunders come then in the sky much electricity is making in the sky. Though electricity is (+). We know our earth is a big (-). So an antonym is attraction an antonym. So the earth also draws that electricity from the sky. The electricity cannot run by him it needs to an agony to go a place to another place. So the electricity cannot come from the sky to the earth. When the thunder came then if it get any people or any things then it come downs by though. When happened this to a man then he can’t live.
Many people use a long rod, they that rod is setup from roof to bottom. People do not come out from their home when the thunder comes.
So we know that thunder is very dangers things.



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