Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Plane Crash

                                          Plane Crash
Plane is a good thing for us. At first we use to our foot to come and go. After then we learn how to make a wheel and how to works it. Then we passed to make Cart. Then we pass to mark CAR. And atlas we wanted to fly as a bard and we pass. But there many grate people die for it. Now we get The Plane by the great Right brother.
Every good thing has a bad sides and it also has. The bad sides are Plane crash. There are many people die for it. In the past when the plane was made, after then many people die for this plane crash. We can’t know when we die. There are many people wants to go to furan country. This plane crash finished many people’s life. It breaks many people’s Dream.
There are many reasons for plane crash. Sues as, when the plane starts run before then the Authority cannot cake it. And sometimes they miss the problems.
The Plane crash happens for some passenger and sometimes it happens for the Pilot and sometimes it happened for the natural problems and sometimes it happened for the authority.
Sometimes the passenger take many bad dangers things with them. And sometimes the plane Enzi cannot run properly. And sometimes the pilot done many mistake and his mistake is a reason of die anther people.
Now plane crash is a common thing in the world. But if we want to leave this we can. There are many rules to drive a plane. We should maintain these rules. When we go any place by a plane then we should follow that rules. Some people do not wear the sit belt. Some new pilots are over sure and this over surety can be mistake for him.
Now the inventors try to make new modern plane. Thos plane can run by its won. And it cakes its own parts. If it feels any problems, than it cannot starts running. And it tries to solve those problems. If it failed to solve those problems then play the danger alarm.
If we try to stops that’s problems we should pass to stop it.


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