Friday, 20 July 2012


Now it is a day of science. We use many things in a day. Though we use most of them are made by electronic. And a electronic things mast makes by cables.
We use many cables for our works. There are many kinds of cables. Some of them theme made by Plastic and copper, some of them made by Plastic and Aluminum. Some of them make by rubber and material. The material breaks too many long and small like as a hair. Then plastic or rubber use like as a cover.
We use it very much. We transfer data electuary from a place to another place. Now we make many tips of electronic things. We cannot make it without cables. Now in the night we get light by elect. We use a bulb which is giving light. But if we have no cables then we cannot get light by it. So cables are very important things for us. The electricity is useful but very dangers thing for us if we touch it then we must go for die. But if we touch the cables it cannot finish us. So it is very important for us.
When we make any kinds of electronic things then we use it to the inside for transfer data. We get electricity to our home form power plant. The power plant is very away from our house. We cannot get it without any cables so it also very important for us.
Every good thing has bad sides it also has. Many people die for short-circuits. When the cables can’t bear the powerful elect or any then it is a resin for feared. And many people die for it. So it is dangers for us.
Though it dangers for us. But if we use it carefully then we have no problems for it. At last we can tell that it is very important for us.


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