Friday, 15 June 2012



                            MOBILE PHONE

Now it is a time of modern science. The science has invented many kinds of things. Mobile is one of them. Now every man has mobile of his won. Every man knows about it. Every man uses it. There are many use of it. Diferent people use it for diferent works. In the past people use letter for know about any other. But now for the helps of mobile life are so easy we can speak about ease other so easy. If you cannot speak other a problem you can send him a Voice sms. You can not want that. No problem you write him a Messages easy. In the past if you love any girl you should find a good friend who helps you. In that system there was many problems. But now the help of the mobile love is so easy. Now if you love any girls at first you find her mobile number. Now there many kinds of mobile phone. Digital mobile helps the police to catch the bad people. The students call the teacher and know about their home work. The business man can comment ease other. Now our life is so easy for it. Every good thing has also a bad side so it also has bad side. The criminal use it bad work. They use it to kidnap, madder and many kinds crime. Mobile is very useful to them. Now we can look video of the caller by video call. There are many company souses as NOKIA, SONE, SAMPOONY, MAX, MICROMAX, SONEARICTOON, APPLE, ETC. There are many sim cards –GRAMEENPHONE, BANGLALINK, ROBI, AIRTELL, TELE-TOKE, VODAPHONE, ETC. Now Mobile phone is a most popular thing. There are many helpful thinks of it. After invented mobile there many problem is solved. Before of it, if any one files on any problem then cannot do any things. But now all things are so easy. If you fill any problem there are no people who can help you, if you have a Mobil phone on problem first you call a friend who can help you and your problem fixed. Mobile phone can help us as all time. It gives us time as a watch, it gives many jokes, it gives much good news etc. All good things have a bad side so it also has. The criminals use it to many bad works. They call a people and confused him and make many bad works for it. They kidnap a man and wants money for him. Mobile phone makes our life so easy. Now there many new mobile by it you can give your friends a video call. Mobil phone cannot work without a sim card. Now we cannot live a signal time without it. It is a part and parcel of our life.


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