Friday, 6 July 2012


Car is a good thing now we all know. Our life is now so easy by it. We all now use it very much. Now we can’t go any place without it. There are many kinds of car. The car makes many kinds of metals. In the past we all go any place by foot. Tt was so hard for us. We can’t go any far place. And when we reach any far places then we feels very laird that time. But now it is so easy for us to go far place. In the past the people first make wheel. Then they want to use it to come and go. They make a cow car. When they make cow car then they go and come with many things from a place to another place. They want go & come first. They want to go very first. The cow car is first than foot. But they wants to more first than cow car. They then think that hors is first than cow, then they make hors car is first. But now our car is so first than other car. Now we have many kinds of car some are they big, and some of them are small. The car makes many kinds of things. The body of the car is making by still. And some are the body is made by wood. Car run by a inzin. If that is so pawarfull that car go very first then other. Most of the simple car have 4 wheel. The window of the car made by glass. And the wheel is made by Tire and Iron and a rabar tue. The car can not run  by it’s self, it need a Driver who can drive it. The Car is very useful for us. Every good things has a bad sides so it also have a bad sides. There are many tips road Accident happen by the car. There are many people always die for car. So it is a bad sides of car. But the car has most of the times no problems, who driver drive that car when he fill in uncarfully and when they cannot maintain the traffic roles to drives the car then the Acident are begin. So if we wants to use the car we should very carfull and maintain the trafic roles. All good things have a bad sides but if we carful that events then we have no problems. We should maintain that.


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