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Friday, 27 July 2012


Mouse is a good thing for us. We all who has a PC or any Computer they know that it is very important thing for computer. Now it is very hard thing to use a Computer without a mouse. First when Computer invented then we have no Mouse, after then only the Keyboard uses to Operating a Computer. Then we cannot works properly and first. But now we have no problems because we have a Mouse with us. Now we can work more first because now we have a Mouse. First when the Mouse invented then the inventor cannot gave a good name to the Mouse. Then the inventor looks a Mouse/Rat on his floor. Them the inventor think that his Mouse like a rat. A rat has a tail it also a cable like Rat and he also looks that the body of the Mouse is looks like a Rat. Then he decides to give the name of the Mouse is Mouse. There are two button has a Mouse. One of them use to select and another calls menu or option button. The name of them is Left button and right button. The mouse has a wheel this wheel use to many works. This wheel uses like as a button. When we connect the Mouse to a Computer then we look a Mouse point on the Desktop or the skin. If we move the mouse from a place to another place, then we can look that the mouse point is also go a place to another place. If we move the mouse on a program and click or 2nd click on that programs then the probers well run. We can refresh our Computer by its. Now we have many kinds of mouse. Now we have many Mouse without cables. B.T Mouse.
It is grate but we cannot do all works in Computer by it. Otherwise it is a best thing for us.


Keyboard is a good thing for us. We all who has a PC or any Computer they know that it is very important thing for computer. It is impossible very hard thing to use a Computer without a Keyboard. First when Computer invented then the inventor thinks what presses they input to the computer. If they cannot input data then they how gets result. Then they invent a Keyboard. That Keyboard has some button. They use to give data to the computer. Now we have many tips of Keyboard. If we have no mouse then we done all works by Keyboard. But if we have no Keyboard then we cannot finish all works without it. So it is very important for us. When the inventor make the Keyboard then he think what name he can give this works. Then he thinks that when we have a key then we can open a lock. We use a Keyboard for work in a computer. It's like a Key. And its looks like a board. So we can give this is Keyboard. Now we have many tips of keyboard. Some of them have (88-90) Key. Some of them has (100- 120) Key.
There are two kinds of Keyboard. One of them is Multimedia Keyboard and another is Simple. Now some Keyboard is without Cables. They work by B.T. In the Keyboard there are (a-z) key. There are 12 Function Key they are F1, F2, and F3 ... F12. And there is an Enter Key in the keyboard. There are two/ on Shift Key in the Keyboard, there are two/on Ctrl and Alt Key. There is a Start Button and a Caps Lock Button, There are some another Key on the Keyboard.
It is very good for us but now if we have a Mouse with us then we can finish many works first. At list we can tell that Keyboard is most important things for us.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Now it is a day of science. We use many things in a day. Though we use most of them are made by electronic. And a electronic things mast makes by cables.
We use many cables for our works. There are many kinds of cables. Some of them theme made by Plastic and copper, some of them made by Plastic and Aluminum. Some of them make by rubber and material. The material breaks too many long and small like as a hair. Then plastic or rubber use like as a cover.
We use it very much. We transfer data electuary from a place to another place. Now we make many tips of electronic things. We cannot make it without cables. Now in the night we get light by elect. We use a bulb which is giving light. But if we have no cables then we cannot get light by it. So cables are very important things for us. The electricity is useful but very dangers thing for us if we touch it then we must go for die. But if we touch the cables it cannot finish us. So it is very important for us.
When we make any kinds of electronic things then we use it to the inside for transfer data. We get electricity to our home form power plant. The power plant is very away from our house. We cannot get it without any cables so it also very important for us.
Every good thing has bad sides it also has. Many people die for short-circuits. When the cables can’t bear the powerful elect or any then it is a resin for feared. And many people die for it. So it is dangers for us.
Though it dangers for us. But if we use it carefully then we have no problems for it. At last we can tell that it is very important for us.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The electricity is very good things for us. We use it very much. We get it from many tips of power plants. It is very useful for us. It is good but dangers things. If any people touch it sometimes then he falls in danger.
We get all tips of things by the natter. When the sky is cloudy. And when rains come then suddenly we hear some big sound. We here that bad sound then we all afraid. When the clouds are float a place to another place then an attraction works. A cloud attraction a another cloud. We know that if a hard thing rubs another things then some rub electricity is make. When it was cold then we use comb. After using that if we take some small paper near it then it attraction though small paper.  So we know that if a cloud bit a cloud than some electricity is making. We called this is thunder.
There are many people die for this thunder. We all people cannot stop or run this. When the thunders come then in the sky much electricity is making in the sky. Though electricity is (+). We know our earth is a big (-). So an antonym is attraction an antonym. So the earth also draws that electricity from the sky. The electricity cannot run by him it needs to an agony to go a place to another place. So the electricity cannot come from the sky to the earth. When the thunder came then if it get any people or any things then it come downs by though. When happened this to a man then he can’t live.
Many people use a long rod, they that rod is setup from roof to bottom. People do not come out from their home when the thunder comes.
So we know that thunder is very dangers things.


Plane Crash

                                          Plane Crash
Plane is a good thing for us. At first we use to our foot to come and go. After then we learn how to make a wheel and how to works it. Then we passed to make Cart. Then we pass to mark CAR. And atlas we wanted to fly as a bard and we pass. But there many grate people die for it. Now we get The Plane by the great Right brother.
Every good thing has a bad sides and it also has. The bad sides are Plane crash. There are many people die for it. In the past when the plane was made, after then many people die for this plane crash. We can’t know when we die. There are many people wants to go to furan country. This plane crash finished many people’s life. It breaks many people’s Dream.
There are many reasons for plane crash. Sues as, when the plane starts run before then the Authority cannot cake it. And sometimes they miss the problems.
The Plane crash happens for some passenger and sometimes it happens for the Pilot and sometimes it happened for the natural problems and sometimes it happened for the authority.
Sometimes the passenger take many bad dangers things with them. And sometimes the plane Enzi cannot run properly. And sometimes the pilot done many mistake and his mistake is a reason of die anther people.
Now plane crash is a common thing in the world. But if we want to leave this we can. There are many rules to drive a plane. We should maintain these rules. When we go any place by a plane then we should follow that rules. Some people do not wear the sit belt. Some new pilots are over sure and this over surety can be mistake for him.
Now the inventors try to make new modern plane. Thos plane can run by its won. And it cakes its own parts. If it feels any problems, than it cannot starts running. And it tries to solve those problems. If it failed to solve those problems then play the danger alarm.
If we try to stops that’s problems we should pass to stop it.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


                                THE RADIO
Our life is meaningless without media like radio. We live in the age of information. So, a strong medium like radio is very important in our life.
Human life cannot survive without entertainment. Radio serves as an entertainment in our life. A Radio broadcasts various sorts of Programs. Recreational programmers are one of them.  We want to know the current news of home and abroad. It is possible to know about the world message sitting home if we have a Radio. It broadcasts news programmers and different types of programmers. Everyday’s weather news is broadcasted in the radio. Education is essential for the development of a nation. There are not sufficient schools and collage in our country. Radio is helpful to spread the light of knowledge by broadcasting educational programmers. Both children and adults can get education from Radio. All are interested in sports- message. Radio broadcasts sports commentary radio. Radio is a favorite’s companion of a man in the rural area. People in the rural area get much recreation from radio. They feel proud if they have a Radio. There are many kinds of programmers in the radio. My favorite’s programmers in the Radio are cultural programmers. Therefore, it is seen that all sorts of people are benefited from Radio. In the past we cannot know what happened in home and abroad. The Radio in made by many things. There is a big motherboard in site it. There is a speaker in sides it. It has an antenna inside it. Some of them run by elect. And some of them made by battery. It has a skin. We can looks that skin many canals and we change a canals to another canals. There are many kinds of canals. Some of them play many kinds of songs. Some of them play many interesting jock. Some of them play News. Some of them play many social dramas. Some of them play many interesting poem.
Now it helps us from many things. When we go in the deep sea then we know the news of weather. So it also saves our life. In the first time Marconi make Radio. Now he is famous all the world. He use a method of Jodis condro bosu.
Every good thing also has a bad side. So it also has. Some bad people publish many bad programs. We should stop them. Now it is part and parcel in our daily life.

Aero plane

                                  Aero plane
Now it is a day of science. Those things now we use almost that we get by science. Now our life is so easy for science.
Man can’t live alone and he also can’t live in a place all his life. He needs to go many places. In the past we use to go anyplace foot. Now we use many conveyances to go all places. They are car, both, aero plane etc. But aero plane is all the best.
In the past we looked the birds are flying in the sky. When we look the birds are flaying in the sky then we all think if we fly in the sky.
Many people try to fly in many prefaces but they all time failed. Many people die for it. All the last times the two brothers pass to make it. We know them as right brother. Now they are famous for it all the world. Now when need to go first but with comfortable then Aero plane is all the best.
First the people want to fly as like birds so they use two big wings but he failed. Then they recharge many times and thy pass to making a design and they make a flaying car. But there are many problems. And many people die for it.
The right Brother have s graze they make a Aero plane and they known about that Aero plane. So if they see any problems in there Aero plane then they solved that problems easily.
Now we have many high qualities’ Aero plane. The background of the Aero plane is made by hard but portable things. It has 1, 2 or 3 wings. When the Aero plane run then though wings is also start to running. And it run on the run way some times and start flying in the sky. And it receives in the selected places. Then in come down on the run way and Aero plane have some wheel when it start to run then though wheels are also starts to run. And when it stop then though wheel also stop.
There are many uses of Aero plane we use it to come and go we use it to protect our country. It also use to bearing many tips things. In the past the gurney was very risky but now when we use the Aero plane after then it is very easy for us.
Every good thing also has bad sides so it also has a bad side. Sometimes the Aero plane goes out of control then many people die.

Friday, 6 July 2012


Car is a good thing now we all know. Our life is now so easy by it. We all now use it very much. Now we can’t go any place without it. There are many kinds of car. The car makes many kinds of metals. In the past we all go any place by foot. Tt was so hard for us. We can’t go any far place. And when we reach any far places then we feels very laird that time. But now it is so easy for us to go far place. In the past the people first make wheel. Then they want to use it to come and go. They make a cow car. When they make cow car then they go and come with many things from a place to another place. They want go & come first. They want to go very first. The cow car is first than foot. But they wants to more first than cow car. They then think that hors is first than cow, then they make hors car is first. But now our car is so first than other car. Now we have many kinds of car some are they big, and some of them are small. The car makes many kinds of things. The body of the car is making by still. And some are the body is made by wood. Car run by a inzin. If that is so pawarfull that car go very first then other. Most of the simple car have 4 wheel. The window of the car made by glass. And the wheel is made by Tire and Iron and a rabar tue. The car can not run  by it’s self, it need a Driver who can drive it. The Car is very useful for us. Every good things has a bad sides so it also have a bad sides. There are many tips road Accident happen by the car. There are many people always die for car. So it is a bad sides of car. But the car has most of the times no problems, who driver drive that car when he fill in uncarfully and when they cannot maintain the traffic roles to drives the car then the Acident are begin. So if we wants to use the car we should very carfull and maintain the trafic roles. All good things have a bad sides but if we carful that events then we have no problems. We should maintain that.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Electric Fan

                                                Electric Fan

Electric Fan is a very important name to us. What fan run by electy called Electric Fan. Everyone knows about it. Now it is a most important thing to us. Now a day we know that Electric Fan is a very helpful thing for us. We can do relax in the hot days by it. In the past we fills relax in the hot day by hand fan. Whose fan run by hand called hand fan. It is very hard work to run all time a hand fan. When the summer comes then all people fils very unhappy, because in the summer there is most power full Sun give his dangers power in the earth then all people fills very hot. The people need many waters. But now it is a day in this time if the summer comes the person who has an Electric Fan he has no problems. He set before a fan and starts that fan and makes relax all time. Now most of the people have a fan of their won. The Electric Fan helps us. There are many kinds of Electric Fan. Sailing fan, Table fan, Wall fan, Stand fan, Big fan, Small fan, ETC. There are many kinds of sailing fan sues as Sony, Air cool, Max, Singer ETC. The sailing fan is many size sues as mine S fan, big sailing fan ETC. And there many kinds of Table fan sues as Stoat cut table fan, big table fan. Now many companies make many kinds Table fan. The people choose of their won likes. Some people like Table fan and some people don’t like. Some people like sailing fan and some people don’t like. The Electric Fan is not Atom. It made some deferent parts. First we need an Electric motor which can move by Electricity. Then we need a fan. Then we need a stand or a catching. Then we need a cafe cater which can save the Electric motor. Then we add all things and joined the motor in Electricity. Oh fine! Now we can get cool wild by it. Electric Fan is a great invention for us. In the past all kinds of people use hand fan. Now all kinds of people use Electric Fan. The Electric Fan cannot make in a day it took many hard works. At first the people make hand running fan. And step by step this time all the people use it. The sailing fan is hanging on any place. And a Table fan is stand on a table or a chair or any medium high place. A wall fan is hanging on a wall. Now it is a time the Electric Fan is the most important to us. Now it is a part in our life.

Friday, 15 June 2012



                            MOBILE PHONE

Now it is a time of modern science. The science has invented many kinds of things. Mobile is one of them. Now every man has mobile of his won. Every man knows about it. Every man uses it. There are many use of it. Diferent people use it for diferent works. In the past people use letter for know about any other. But now for the helps of mobile life are so easy we can speak about ease other so easy. If you cannot speak other a problem you can send him a Voice sms. You can not want that. No problem you write him a Messages easy. In the past if you love any girl you should find a good friend who helps you. In that system there was many problems. But now the help of the mobile love is so easy. Now if you love any girls at first you find her mobile number. Now there many kinds of mobile phone. Digital mobile helps the police to catch the bad people. The students call the teacher and know about their home work. The business man can comment ease other. Now our life is so easy for it. Every good thing has also a bad side so it also has bad side. The criminal use it bad work. They use it to kidnap, madder and many kinds crime. Mobile is very useful to them. Now we can look video of the caller by video call. There are many company souses as NOKIA, SONE, SAMPOONY, MAX, MICROMAX, SONEARICTOON, APPLE, ETC. There are many sim cards –GRAMEENPHONE, BANGLALINK, ROBI, AIRTELL, TELE-TOKE, VODAPHONE, ETC. Now Mobile phone is a most popular thing. There are many helpful thinks of it. After invented mobile there many problem is solved. Before of it, if any one files on any problem then cannot do any things. But now all things are so easy. If you fill any problem there are no people who can help you, if you have a Mobil phone on problem first you call a friend who can help you and your problem fixed. Mobile phone can help us as all time. It gives us time as a watch, it gives many jokes, it gives much good news etc. All good things have a bad side so it also has. The criminals use it to many bad works. They call a people and confused him and make many bad works for it. They kidnap a man and wants money for him. Mobile phone makes our life so easy. Now there many new mobile by it you can give your friends a video call. Mobil phone cannot work without a sim card. Now we cannot live a signal time without it. It is a part and parcel of our life.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Science has discovered many wonders and Computer is one of them.
Computer was not invented over night. It took long time and hard labour to invent Computer. First of all Pascal invented the theory of Digital Calculating System in 1642. Though his attempts were not crowned with success, he initiated the research which paved the way to the invention of Computer. Finally Mr. Haward Akin, an American scientist invented such a machine in 1937 that could do difficult sums. After seven years electric Computer was used in Harvard University in 1944. After that many other computers have been invented such as EDSAC in 1945 and ENTACE in 1946 etc.
A Computer consists of five major components. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit.
A Computer performs three functions:-
1.                  It receives data
2.                  It process data by various computations
3.                  It emits data.
Computer is of great use to us. It readers great service to mankind. It is like Aladdin’s magic lamp or magic wand. It has lessened our work loads and made our life easy and comfortable. It is used in all spheres of our life like education, medical science, agriculture, commerce, printing, industrial sector etc.
Computer is a source of great income. Many developed and advanced countries export software and hardware and earn a lot.
There is no unmixed blessing on earth.
Everything has its dark sides. Computer has its own demerits. It causes diseases like repetitive stress injury and weakens the eye sight of the operators.
Of late Computer has been introduced in Bangladesh. May government and non- government offices, educational institutions are using Computer. A course on Computer has been introduced in secondary and higher secondary levels. The day is not far to come when Computers will be used in every sphere of life.
Sorters of Computer- a Computer can not running himself it need an operator. An operator’s commend a Computer cannot see. So a computer need two things one of them is operator and another is programs or softer. There are many softer to running a Computer sues as Microsoft Windows xp 2, Microsoft Windows xp 3, Microsoft Windows vista, Microsoft Windows Make. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc. And there many softer to working another wok. Those Sifters only run a P.C. But if we need too done another works sues as any Graphics Design or any other hardly programs then we must need another softer or programs.
 Now we can know about any subject by it. If we need to know about our any friends who live another country so what we can eahsily tell and look him in P.C. by Internet. Before it we can only tell him but now we not only tell but also look them.
Now Computer is of great use to us. All the people of the world known and use Computer. Now we cannot go a single moment without Computer. It is part and parcel in our daily life.